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Junior Fun

Mobile Lazer Tag

Mobile Lazer Tag Game & Inflatable Maze- indoor  & outside use

Mobile lazer tag


mobile laser tag


The very latest in mobile interactive laser tag games played within a 30x30ft inflatable maze.
Each player enters the inflatable laser quasar arena armed with a laser tag gun, once all 10 players are inside, the laser tag game begins.
The aim of laser tag is simple - to shoot your opponents without being shot yourself. The laser guns have different coloured lights for identification, built in score display, sound effects and speech telling the player when they have been shot or hit another player.
We supply 10 fully automatic Hanger 51 laser tag guns which have built in sensors and do not require body packs enabling a fast change over between games.
A 30x30 ft inflatable maze, darkened for atmospheric effect ( smoke can be added at an additional cost)
The system is operated at all times by one of our trained staff who will control game length and run your choice of team or solo games. An exciting & fun game, let us help you make your event a memorable day for everyone
Something different for older children & adults, brilliant way to entertain groups such as scouts or children’s cubs. The game gives a chance to to let off energy and also builds up teamwork and strategy, making it a great way for friend to spend time together. 
A real show stopper at parties, fun days, corporate, team building  schools and youth groups or any fun event. Its just a good fun game

  • Suitable for use by both children and adults aged 6+
    Max number of users 10 at a time
    Equipment dimensions 30'w X 30'd X 7'h
    Operational area 35'w X 35'd X 7'h,  
  • Must be a flat surface
  • Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use
  • Supplied with a trained staff member to run the game for you
Requires 13amp 240V power supply within a 12 mts area (or generator can be provided at additional cost)
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Disco Dome Bouncy Castle - NEW *****

The Disco Dome Bouncy Castle is sure to bring the WOW FACTOR to any Child's Party.

The disco dome has a disco light installed into its roof (with multiple LED lights that react to sound) and a disco speaker built into its walls giving a dance-hall environment that'll keep the kids satisfied for hours.

Along with a powerful Bluetooth speaker you can pair up your phone or tablet and be playing your choice of music, or simply insert your USB stick preloaded with tunes for a continuous playlist, along with the disco lighting this will make your party unforgettable. Suitable inside or out. A real party must have. The castle is suitable for children up to the age of 12years.

disco dome bouncy castle

Hiring indoors?  Height 10ft 6ins-minimum ceiling height    13x15ft  

Adult bouncy castles

Wakka Tube - NEW *****

wakka inflatable game for hire

Race against the clock and your opponent in this energetic wakka challenge!
Ages: 6+
Size min Length (m):0.95  Width (m):0.95  Height (m):2.45
Max number of users 2

The aim of the game is to push as many ‘Wakka Sticks’ as possible through the Wakka Tube to your opponent’s side while they push as many of them as possible back towards you. Whoever has the least Wakka Sticks pushed out on their side when the clock hits zero WINS!!

Suitable for use by both children and adults aged 6+

Requires 13amp 240V power supply (or generator at additional cost)

wakak game
Requires 13amp 240V power supply
(or generator at additional cost)

Pitstop Challenge - NEW *****

team building & fete fun

great fun game for both team building & family fundays, great as a team challenge
pitstop inflatable

Balloon Blast - NEW *****

Outside area only

Balloon Blast is an explosive race against your opponent.

On the word go you both start pumping as fast as you can. As you do this the balloon will start to inflate. The fast you pump and faster the balloon will inflate until it finally reaches the pins!! At this point (pun intended) the balloon will explode and you win.  

A great game for all ages to play. A must for both team building & fetes or just plain fun at fun-days & parties

bomb squad game

Strike a Light - NEW *****

strike a light game
Ages: 6+
Size min Dimensions 120cm by 92cm by 92cm
Equipment dimensions 5'w X 3'd X 3'h

A hi-tech, hi-energy challenge game in table top form
Similar to Batak & Cardiowall-Mobile, but for 2 players, this game is the ultimate test of peoples mental agility and reflexes.

This 2 Player game is available to hire, perfect for corporate entertainment, trade shows and exhibition stands, keeping guests entertained at functions or product launches or even as light entertainment for weddings or private parties.  Guests have 30 seconds to strike as many lights as possible. One player has blue lights to strike, the other strikes the red lights. This is the standard mode. There are 2 formats to play however – Standard mode or the popular battle mode - strike-Battle mode allows your opponent to be punished for hitting non illuminated lights and the quicker you play the more lights your opponent has to strike, effectively passing your lights over to their half of the strike a light wall. The player with no lights remaining is the winner. 
The table-toped game has speakers underneath and in true ‘arcade-fashion'; a voice announces the start, the end and the winner! A funky backing track is also played whilst the game is in motion.

Strike a Light is a simple game with endless fun!
Suitable for use by both children and adults aged 6+
Max number of users 2

Requires 13amp 240V power supply (or generator at additional cost)

Junior Go Karts

go karts for hire

go kart parties

Ages: 4 - 10
Size 35ft x 50ft  
Supervised Hire Only:
One of our most popular attractions for the younger child and probably your child’s first “real driving experience”. 
Junior go-karts are known as the "HAPPINESS MACHINES" packed with features that please children and parents alike.

Our electric go-karts give children 4-10 years of age a safe, fun-filled first experience of driving. Three karts complete with instructor and inflatable safety circuit. Suitable for both inside and outside use.

Once they are on, you'll struggle to get them off.

kids go karts for hire

Fun Surf Simulator


surfing simulators

Ages: 4 - adult
Size 14ft x 12ft  height 11ft

Supervised Hire Only:
The surf simulator is suitable for most ages from 4 years upwards. Ideal for that budding surfer to try and get the feel of the surf without getting wet! Great balancing fun for all ages. Loads of laughs as you watch your buddies try and balance, and then fall.

Fun Snow Simulator

snow board simulators

Ages: 4 - adult
Size 14ft x 12ft  height 11ft

Supervised Hire Only:
Based on the fun surf sim, but with a magical winter wonderland theme. Beautiful!

Junior Obstacle Courses

Always a must at your birthday party or celebration, fete, family funday or after school orgs, you can cater for a larger amount of children than “just a bouncy” .
We offer three popular sizes - 27ft, 33ft & 47ft.
Click on images for full range of obstacle courses 
27' Obstacle Course  33' Obstacle Course  47' 3 part Obstacle Course 
inflatable obstacle courses inflatable obstacle courses inflatable obstacle courses

Slide & Bouncy Slides

Ages: 3 - 12

Always a must at your birthday party or celebration, fete, family funday or after school orgs, you can cater for a larger amount of children than “just a bouncy”. We have a choice of slides and the slide & bounce (or combi’s)

Click on images for full range of bouncy slides
bouncy castles with slides built in bouncer with slide

Junior Bouncy Castles

junior bouncy castles

Ages: 3 - 12
The ever popular bouncy castle, what can we say, the 12x12 is our most popular, although if you have a large amount of children at your party, or older guests, why not upgrade to a larger castle.

Click on images for full range

Roller Racers

roller racers

Ages: 3 - teen

Roller racers are self propelled by the Childs own body movement. A great idea for after school clubs, parties and fetes. A smooth flat surface is needed, inside or out. School playgrounds and car parks work well, as does inside halls.
Ideal as an add on to a castle hire. Great idea for organised racing for raising funds at fetes. Sets of five or ten available.

Wheelies or Diddy Karts

wheelies or diddy carts

Ages: 4 - 12

These are self propelled by the Childs own body movement. A great idea for after school clubs, parties and fetes. A smooth flat surface is needed, inside or out. School playgrounds & car parks work well, as does  inside halls. Ideal as an add on to a castle hire. Great idea for organised racing for raising funds at fetes. Sets of five or ten available.


bouncing bunnies

bouncy bunnies

Ages: 3+

Like the orange bouncers we all know and love these are a modern twist in the same style of fun but lovely bright robust bunnies a real favourite with all children, climb on and bounce till you have no energy left.

Junior Sumo Wrestlers.

Ages: Junior ( 5 to 12)

sumo suits for hire

Size 12ft x 12ft

The ancient sport of sumo wrestling provides endless entertainment for the contestants and spectators at your event. Once the contestants have transformed themselves into sumo wrestlers they then have to try and force one another out of the circle. The first person to three is the winner. Don’t forget that it is sumo etiquette to splat your opponent! Don’t be shy! Adult or junior suits available.

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Traditional Side Stalls

Ages: 5 to Adult

Size: 8x6ft       Height: 7ft

Traditional Side Stalls

inflatable cross bow game

Roll Up, Roll Up and try your luck!. ideal for Christmas parties or promotions inside hotels & conference centres, as well as outside for family fundays etc… 

coconut shy
ball in bucket
cross bow challenge
hook a duck
corks shooting
tin can ally
hoop la

inflatable coconut shy game

Christmas Themed Aunt Sally

Fun and Games for hire

Ideal for your Christmas party or fayre.

Ideal as an add on to any Christmas party, as most people have there mobile phone cameras with them, an instant memory of your Christmas “do” . also available in cowboy theme & comic beach theme

bouncy castle rodeo bull hire

Test your Strength Boxing.

strength test boxing punch bag
Competition surf: Ages: 12 to adult
Area required 3' x 5' min,  height req 7ft


Based on the traditional arcade game.
This is a boxing game to test your strength, absolutely great fun for all guests; it is not always how hard you hit the machine but how sweetly you connect, technique over power every time

bouncy castle rodeo bull hire

Christmas Tree Toss.

Ages: na
Size 7 x 3ft

Traditional tossing game with a Christmas twist

bouncy castle rodeo bull hire

Snowman Challenge.

Ages: na
Size 6 x 5ft

How many rings can you get on “snowy”
Comes with picket fencing, very traditional game

Junior Beat the Goalie.

Ages: 4 - adult beat the goalie game
Size 12ft x 14ft.  Height 7ft

Junior football shoot-out or beat the goalie is ideal for those younger players who want to do the same as the big guys!  Ages: 3-10. A great idea for both back garden parties and school fetes or football galas. Great fun as the footballer tries to "score" through the holes and the goalie throws themselves around after the ball. Add on to a football package.


Junior themed Football Bouncy castle.

Ages: 3 – 12  Football bouncy castle
Size 12ft x 14ft. height req: 10ft 3 inches min

The ever popular bouncy castle, what can we say, the 12x14 is our most popular size ,  all the boys ( and football crazy girls ) love this one
Why not add to and make a football party package with one of the other great football items.

Velcro Penalty Shoot Out.

Ages: 6 to adult football inflatable games
Size 12ft x 24ft   Height 11ft

There are no arguments in this game. If you can get the ball past the keeper it sticks on the Velcro net for all to see. Velcro targets can be moved about to make the game easier or harder to score.
Having a football tournament?  Add to the theme with 'beat the goalie', human table football and football shoot-out.

Rugby or Football shoot out.

Ages ~ 6 to adult rugby try inflatable game
Size 12ft x 12ft Height 11ft

All boys, big and small (and girls) love a game of footy. The aim of the footballer is to try and get the ball into the "holes" and score points. See how accurate you can kick a football and test the accuracy of your shot. Simply kick the ball into the inflatable cage and score! An added feature to this hire. We can do a game of " two halves", if required. One half rugby and then change the second half to football. Two for the price of one!

Human Table Football.

Ages: 5 to adult   inflatable human table football
Small:  Size 15ft x 30ft
Medium:  Size  17ft x 35ft
Human Table Football is one of the most exciting competitive games to hit the UK in recent years. It is a giant inflatable version of the old classic bar game  which is normally played in an arcade but this game is played with humans. As each person

holds the handle straps they can only move from side to side. If one persons moves to the left, then all persons holding the handstraps move left. The team to score the most goals in the allocated time wins. Available in two sizes for dry hire.


Why not try our crazy high energy alternative Space Hopper football!!

inflatable human table football

Demolition Derby.

Ages: 6 to adult inflatable demolition derby
Size 16'x16' height  13ft

Our Human Demolition Inflatable is a high energy game for four players at a time which can also be used for four way team competitions. Each of the four players stand on the inflatable podiums and hurl the demolition ball at each other trying to knock their three opponents off their podiums. To win you'll need to be able to dodge the swinging demolition ball and use your balance and strength to stay on when its hurled at you or, better still, catch it and hurl it back where it came from! Last man standing wins.  

Bungee Run

Ages: 6 to adult inflatable bungee run
Size 40ft x 13ft  Height 10ft
An inflatable two-lane track on which you run against the pull of a bungee cord attached to a belt around your waist. See how far you can get down the inflatable before the elastic takes over and pulls you back down the inflatable. Compelling, competitive and, above all, fun with fantastic audience participation.

Pillow Bash.

Ages: 6 to adult inflatable pillow bash inflatable pillow bash

Size 14ft x 13ft Height 12ft

Test your balance with an old-fashioned pillow fight. Pillow bash is a late night pillow fight with a twist. Two opponents battle, blow for blow with a soft pillow, before falling onto the soft inflatable below. Last person sitting wins.               

Gladiator Duel

Ages: 6 to adult inflatable gladiator duel
size 18ft x 20ft or 16x16ft  height  11ft

This has a wide appeal to all due to the speed and action of the game. Two contestants stand upon their podiums and try to force each other off with there padded pugle stick onto the inflatable bed beneath them. This game comes with a choice of either adult or children's pugle sticks. 

Inflatable Basketball.

Ages: 6 to adult inflatable basketball
Size 12ft x 12ft     Height: 13ft

What can we say, all kids love a ball and basketball. It is one of today's great games so why not have your own giant inflatable game. Three players at any one time. So highly competitive fun.

Inflatable Sticky Darts.

Ages: 6 to adult inflatable sticky darts
Size 12ft x 11ft Height 12ft

Again a great fun take on a family favourite game, sticky darts, who can resist a go.

Inflatable Pinball Game.

Ages: 6 to adult inflatable pinball for hire
Size 20ft x 15ft  Height 12 ft

Another great fun take on a family favourite game, giant pinball, who can resist to try their skill and out point your opponent.

John Wayne Racing Game

inflatable pinball for hire

Supervised Hire Only

Size 7ft x 6ft 

Authentic grass-textured race course
Four hobby-horses linked to the John Wayne’s on the racecourse with realistic horse racing commentary.

On the fibre glass grass-textured racecourse there are four different coloured John Wayne’s -blue, yellow, red and green.
These horses are matched to a hobby horse of the same colour. The four players have to position their hobby horse in-between their legs and hold onto the handles positioned on either side of the horse's head. At the start of the game each player or rider has to simulate a galloping motion very similar to a jockey riding a horse. The faster they gallop, the faster their horse will travel along the course to the finishing post. To add to the fun and excitement during each race, players and spectators will be able to hear the very realistic horse racing commentary, which simply encourages the players to go faster
The faster the players/riders perform the galloping movement the faster their horse travels up the racecourse towards the finishing post. The first horse to reach the finishing post is the winner! At the end of the race the winning lane will light up and the commentary will announce the colour and the name of the winning horse. At the end of each game the horses return to their starting posts ready for the next four contestants. Ideal for Parties, Team Building and Promotions.
Can also be supplied as: Racing Horse’s, Racing Santa’s, Racing Car’s  & Racing Bride’s    Having a promotion?  For an extra cost we may be able to customise to your requirements, call for details.

Inflatable Crossbow Challenge.

Ages: 6 to adult crossbow challenge for hire
Size 12ft x 11ft Height 10ft

Great fun idea to have a challenge with, either add to a party or have at a fete, family funday .

a6 fun for all your bouncy castle and rodeo bull hires in bedfordshire and buckinghamshire
Unless stated, all inflatables are a supply/erect and collect service. If you need your castle/inflatable supervising contact us here at a6fun. Our range of castles and fun inflatables may vary from images shown as we are constantly upgrading and adding to our stock. Please check at time of ordering the size of unit hired and the space required. Standard daytime hire is 12noon-6pm. Delivery may start from 8am. All inflatables will need access to a 13amp power supply or a 2kva power supply.
We will supply 1 x 12m cable extension lead only.  If no electricity is available a petrol blower can be hired from us. Add on’s: Only available with an inflatable hire
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